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Join us in celebrating family origins between Mother's and Father's Days

There wouldn't be a you without it.

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Hi there!

Did you know that, in the United States, we celebrate Family Month? That's right! As acknowledged by Congress in 1998, it’s the month between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Yet...Only a handful of people or organizations recognize that, let alone celebrate it.


The most important aspect of any human being’s life is going unnoticed and is, in fact, diminished by conflicting social trends.

Why Celebrate Family Month?


Develop stronger family bonds and, if possible, heal broken family ties. 


Promote appreciation for family origins


Learn about family history and traditions

The Family Month Vision

Why do families matter? Because we all came into the world in roughly the same way.  An egg from a female human being and sperm from a male got together, made an embryo...


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News and in the News

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Thank you for joining!

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